CACG Reports

Reporting Requirements

Each project funded under this sub-grant is responsible for reporting to HESC multiple times a year.

Mid-Year Report: The Mid-Year Report must contain details of the expenditure of sub-grant, matching and institutional funds, a status of goals and objectives for the reporting period (9/1/XX-2/28/XX) and will allow for the request of changes to program design and expenditure plans. Progress against stated project goals must be reported via updated goals and objectives forms. This report must be in the format approved by HESC.

Download the Mid-Year Expenditure Report

Final Report: The Final Report, must contain a comprehensive listing of expenditures of sub-grant, matching and institutional funds throughout the contract year. A review of the project's success achieving its annual goals, reported via updated goals and objectives forms must also be included. This report must be in the format approved by HESC.

Download the Final Expendature Report

Event Report: Sub-grantees may file event reports for each student activity proposed in their CACG project. The events reports can be filed monthly or as each event takes place and will include a summary of the program activity, summary of the program outcome and an actual attendance for each event.

Download the CACG Event Report
Download the CACG Event Report Instructions

Form D Report: As set forth in the sub-grantee contract, Part 1 must be completed and submitted by May 1 for activities preformed during the project.

Download Form D Part 1

Status/Progress Report:The Status/Progress Report is used to measure the progress the sub-grantee is achieving towards their project goals and objectives.

Download the Status/Progress Report

Budget Modification Request: Sub-grantees are required to request approval for budget modifications.  Each request must contain a narrative explanation and completed, signed budget modification form.

Download the Budget Modification Request Form

If you have any questions about reports, please contact HESC at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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