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Once you decide on the type of college that interests you, develop a list of criteria to help narrow down your search. You can use our College Match worksheet to guide you through the process.

Things you should consider:

Majors and concentrations offered.

If you know what you want to study, which schools offer that major? Does their program have a good reputation? If you aren't sure what you want to study, will you have plenty of options?

Admission requirements.

What academic standards (grade point average, required courses, etc.) do you have to meet in high school to get in? Which tests will you have to take?


What will your total annual costs be, including tuition and fees, room and board, books, travel and other expenses? Use the College Navigator to find out the true cost. And remember, there are many types of financial aid to help you pay for college.

Financial Aid.

Every school offers financial aid. But some schools make aid more available than others. Private, independent colleges may charge more for tuition and other expenses, but they also tend to offer more aid. Get in touch with the Financial Aid Office at your choices and ask how they can help you.


If you need to work full-time while you go, does the school have night courses or other options to accommodate you? Are there part-time options or summer courses?

Child Care.

Do you need child care while you attend classes? Is there on-site or nearby daycare? 


Do you want to be close to home or far away? Do you want the country or the city? If it's a school away from home, add in the cost of traveling to and from school for holiday and semester breaks.

On campus or off.

If you go to a school nearby, do you want to live at home, in an on-campus dorm/residence hall or in private, off-campus housing?


Do you want to attend a large or small school? Look beyond just the size of the student body. What's the student to faculty ratio? How available is the faculty?

Campus life.

Does the school offer activities and social opportunities you like? Be sure to take a campus tour to see if the school is right for you.

Religious affiliation.

Do you want to attend a school associated with a particular religion?


Are you comfortable with the school's diversity?

Extracurricular and Sport Activities.

Does the school offer the types of competitive and recreational activities you enjoy?

Graduation and Retention Rates.

How many students return after freshman year and graduate can tell you a lot about the college's support system and overall student satisfaction.

Career services.

Does the school have programs with a good track record for helping graduates find good jobs?

Start searching for the college that's right for you!

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