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Building good study habits starts with knowing how to manage your time. So be sure to read that section. Plus, follow these simple tips to help you study smarter, not harder.

Make daily to-do lists of assignments, study time, and test dates.

Put things that have to be done today or the most important tasks on top of your list.  Always make sure you know when assignments are due and when exams are taking place so you can add them to your list. Check off completed items.

Also decide what you should spend more time on. You’ll need more time for courses or assignments that are a struggle for you.

If you have a math assignment that counts as a regular homework grade and a paper that counts as 1/3 of your final grade, you may choose to spend more time on the paper.

Get organized.

Have a system to keep papers and assignments organized. You may use binders, several 1-subject notebooks, larger multi-subject notebooks, folders or electronic schedulers.

Take notes.

Make sure you take good notes at school and review them daily.

Set aside quiet time to study every day.

If you can’t find a quiet place at home, try your local library. Pick a time when you’re not rushed or tired. Have what you need at your fingertips: your computer, pen, paper, calculator or textbooks.

Share the learning.

Join or start a study group or study with a friend to compare notes and quiz each other.

Learn your learning style.

Everyone learns best in different ways. Find your learning style. This may be drawing pictures or charts, reading out loud, having someone else read to you or making outlines.

Just say no.

Put your schoolwork ahead of other commitments. This means saying no to friends and family when you have to. But be sure to ask a friend, family member, classmate or teacher for help when you need it.

Give yourself a break.

Reward yourself for work well done. Everyone deserves a break!

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