Life With Vs. Without College

Life with vs. Without a College Education

Life With and Without College: Part 2
Part Two

Life With and Without College: Part 3
Part Three

Life With and Without College: Part 4
Part Four


Give yourself the college edge.

True, not all successful people have college degrees. But, very few people are like Bill Gates, billionaire and founder of Microsoft yet a Harvard dropout.

You'll have a better chance at success with a college degree.

Sure, money matters, but it's not the only reason to go to college. It's about personal satisfaction. Being happy with your job. And enjoying a better quality of life.




Tale of two workers

Meet Gary, the owner of Paragon Construction, and Mark, one of Gary's employees.

Gary has a degree in Business and is the owner of a construction company. He keeps his company running smoothly and meets with customers everyday. His company pays for his new truck, gas, insurance, health insurance, and he takes home a weekly check of $1,500.

Mark graduated from high school and went right to work for Gary's company. He operates heavy machinery, which he likes, but he also has to shovel, jack hammer, work in 95 degree heat and 10 degree winter days. Mark takes home a weekly check of $450. If you ask Mark if he likes his job, he just shrugs.

Youth In Care Corner

Did you know College graduates earn $1 million more than a high school graduate over a lifetime.

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