Why Go to College?

Here's What Supportive Adults Can Do

Help your Student Prepare for College

  • Meet your student's high school or college advisor, visit college education and college websites, and talk to college financial aid officers about their financial aid programs.
  • Encourage your student to take the courses and achieve the grades and test scores that will qualify him/her for financial aid.
  • Be aware of financial aid deadlines. Help your student organize a calendar of dates and set up meetings with your student to review their progress regularly.
  • Apply to more than one college, so you can compare the cost and education opportunities at each one. Many schools offer reduced tuition for students living in the same state, so check out "in-state tuition" requirements to see if you qualify.
  • Give your student a file folder and get them started on an organized file for college financial aid paperwork.
  • Make sure your student knows you are committed to doing everything it takes to help him/her get a college degree.

Youth In Care Corner

Did you know College graduates earn $1 million more than a high school graduate over a lifetime.

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