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High School Compared to College

High School          College

Same classes every day at the same time in the same building.

Classes are scheduled different times and days in different buildings.

Four marking periods with brief winter and spring break.

One year divided into fall and spring semesters at most colleges with long winter break.

Your class schedule is basically arranged for you.

You design your own schedule and activities.

Records your attendance, and calls your parents when you are absent.

Every professor has his/her own attendance policy, and they won't be calling your parents when you are absent. But, they might fail you.

Average of 30-35 students per class.

Can have over 100 students in your class.

Textbooks are free.

You must pay for your textbooks.

Teachers check your homework.

Professors don't always check your homework, but the homework prepares you for your exams.

Teachers give you due dates and reminders.

Professors give you a syllabus at the start of the semester and you are responsible for meeting the deadlines.

You can usually talk to your teacher anytime.

You'll need to schedule a time with your professor during his/her office hours.

You might study three hours per week.

You'll study three hours per day.

Reading materials are brief.

A lot of reading and writing is expected in college.

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Did you know College graduates earn $1 million more than a high school graduate over a lifetime.

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