Steps to Success

Make college a success

What's College Like?Knowing what to expect in college will help you succeed. You can handle the challenges of college. You just need to be prepared.

  • Workload is heavier and harder than high school.
  • You're expected to keep up with assignments and meet deadlines.
  • Expect a large amount of reading and writing.
  • For every hour of class, expect to spend two hours of outside time reading, studying and working on assignments.
  • Professors will help you if you have questions or are struggling. Just ask.
  • You'll receive a syllabus for each class. This is your guide for projects, papers, assignments, tests and due dates. Read and save it.
  • Keep a calendar of deadlines and keep up with your assignments.
  • Go to all classes.
  • Class size can range from 20-300 students.
  • In a dorm you'll be with at least one other person in a room probably smaller than yours at home. If you have trouble adjusting or problems with your roommate, give it time. If you need help, talk to your Resident Assistant (RA).
  • Stay on campus as much as possible. Even if you are homesick, become part of the campus community.

Check out our comparison chart of high school vs. college.


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Did you know College graduates earn $1 million more than a high school graduate over a lifetime.

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