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Balancing college and workYour financial aid package may include several hours of work-study per week. Or you may need an outside job to help pay for college expenses. It's not easy to balance work and college, but you can do it if you stay focused and keep your education the priority.

Don't let your job hurt your studies. Try to keep your work hours to 10-15 hours per week. 

Here are some tips to balance your college course load and work schedule:

  • Consider work-study.
  • Work on campus so you can be part of the campus community.
  • Look for a job that relates to your major.
  • Look for a job that allows flexibility in your schedule. 
  • Balance your schedule so college is a priority.
  • Make time to study.
  • Go to your classes.
  • Pay attention to deadlines.

Five benefits of working on campus:

  1. You can schedule work between classes and activities.

  2. Most supervisors are flexible, especially around finals.

  3. There are a variety of jobs on campus such as public relations, office assistants, library, student union, and cafeteria.

  4. Eliminates travel to off-campus job.

  5. You can be part of the campus community.


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