Think you’re not the best student?

Think You Have Good Reasons to Skip College? Think Again!

I want to get a job right after high school to start making money.

Think you'd rather make money now?With a college education you will make more money over your lifetime, more than $1 million, in fact.

You can work to make some money while you are in college. This site will show you how to balance work and college.

I didn't graduate from high school.

It's not too late — start by getting your GED. One in 20 college freshman earned their high school credential by taking and passing the GED tests. You can too!

College is expensive.

Think you can't go? Can't afford it?Yes, it is an investment but you'll make more money by having a college degree.

Plus, every year billions of dollars in financial aid is awarded to students like you to help pay for college. You just have to apply.

No one in my family has ever gone to college.

Think you can't go? First in FamilyYou CAN be the first. We'll show you how.

I'm not an A student.

Think you're not the best student?You don't have to be. All types of students get accepted to and graduate from all types of colleges. You DO have to work hard.

College graduates are hard working people who invested in themselves to stack the deck in their favor for the future.

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Did you know College graduates earn $1 million more than a high school graduate over a lifetime.

What's your story?Tell us what you overcame to make it to college, or tell us about the dreams you have after high school. Whatever it is, lay it on us.
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